Group Exhibition: Ground Zero

organização Atlas Residency
Com Marcelo Moscheta, Cristina Ataíde, Susana Anágua, Catarina Leitão, Nithya Lyer, Nii Obodai, Uriel Orlow, Mónica de Miranda e Jermay Michael Gabriel.
Galeria Nova Ogiva, Óbidos.
06.06 – 15.09.2024

Ground Zero is a collective exhibition bringing together diverse artists working along the themes of ecology, the relation between human and non-human world, the relation between urban and rural living and the activation of material and immaterial heritage. The title refers to a starting point, to the possibility of new beginnings and connections. At the same time, it refers to the ground as a starting point, to the earth as a place where life and creation appear. How could we build from the ground up new ecologies of care between artists and rural communities?

The project has the support of DGArtes, the local council of Carvalhal, the Upper School of Arts and Design (Escola Superior Artes e Design Upper School of Arts and Design – Politécnico de Leiria | ESAD.CR), NovaOgiva Gallery in Obidos.